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Meet Our Talented Illustrator Faye and See Her Progress

We are so grateful and excited to have Faye on the FamilyBinds team!

"My name is Faye Tsai. Since I was a little girl, I have fallen in love with painting. I convey my emotions and record my life through art, and I have become a picture book illustrator in recent years. Dedicated to projecting soothing and stress-relieving energy, I hope the readers will be touched by my work"

Here is some of her past work!

Below you can see the avatars she just finished creating for you and your customized story! (You can see those below!)

As we speak she is illustrating FamilyBinds pages to represent different life stages of our loved ones. See a short clip of her progress below!

Thank you for all of your support! We are excited to provide you with a place to create children's books about your loved ones so you can preserve their memory with your children.

If you haven't subscribed to stay updated on our progress, please go to now to subscribe!

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